Calling All Heroes Cover
Released 2013
Format Digital Download
Genre Electro House
Length 4:26
Label BMG Rights Management
Producer Adventure Club
Purchase $1.49

"Crash" is the third track on Adventure Club's debut extended play Calling All Heroes. "Crash" as with "Thunderclap" is are the only two songs that fall under the Electro House genre in the digital album. The track has a emotional feel within the four minute duration of the song.

"Crash" categorized under the genre of electro house, has a BPM of 110, with a total and exact length of four minutes and twenty-six seconds. The key the song was written in was C minor, as according to Beatport.


I try my best just to get away
But you pulled me closer
You're something wild I can never tame
And you're taking over
All my thoughts and the words are same
Never seem to matter
You're the drug running through my veins
And the crash right after
Never thought I would be okay
When the pain took over
A disease moving through my brain
Makes my vision slower
Try and run but I can't escape
As my whole world shatters
You're the drug running through my veins
And the crash right after

Music Track

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